Best Search Keywords for Finding a Job Online

Best Search Keywords for Finding a Job Online

Even in the best of circumstances, the challenge of finding a job online can be fraught with frustration. But with a little bit of help – and a little bit of luck – this considerable challenge may not feel quite so daunting. The key is to identify and then utilize the most appropriate keywords to help guide your search.

In the context of online job searching, it is important to distinguish between a “keyword” and “search words.” The term “keyword” refers to words that reveal your interests and/or qualifications for a particular position. Alternatively, the term “search words” refers to words that you actually enter into a search engine.

Each week thousands of people visit online job portals in search of a new employment opportunity. The success of this process often comes down to the use of effective keywords – not just in terms of querying the right job title, but also in terms of querying the best role/responsibility descriptors.

1. Job Keywords

Prepare a list of job search keywords that best illustrate your interests. (This might include anything from the type of position to the level of responsibility to the most desirable geographic location.)

If you are searching for a particular type of position, such as temporary, part-time, or summer internship, you can use matching keywords to help refine your search; and create job listings that properly suit your criteria.

2. Location Keywords

Location keywords are helpful for finding jobs in a specific geographic location. You need to enter a certain location where you wish to work, such as the name of the city, state or country; and you will obtain a list of jobs in that specific city.

3. Company Keywords

Company keywords are useful for finding jobs at a specific company. While searching job sites, you may wish to enter the name of the company as keyword. You can also use Google to search the company website by entering the company name as a keyword. Many companies offer open job positions in the careers segment of their corporate websites.

4. Cover Letter Keywords

Many entrepreneurs believe that they can manage all of the operations of the start-up by themselves. Frequently, this decision to shoulder the burden alone will hurt the new business. Don’t let pride get in the way.

Though you may not need to hire a full-time workforce, you should look for ways to delegate work where possible. This is especially important when it comes to legal and financial matters. With reliable assistance and experience, legal and financial professions can help you to avoid some common business mistakes; and shoulder some of the workload.

5. Resume Keywords

To monitor candidates for job openings, many companies utilize recruiting management software. Resume keywords are helpful for the hiring managers who use these words to efficiently process and grade the resumes submitted to their applicant database.

There is no silver bullet when it comes to finding a new job online. But by using the best search keywords – and the other tips outlined above – you can position yourself to take advantage of an opportunity the moment that it presents itself online.

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